Dos and Don'ts When Settling with a Hospice over a Wrongful Death


When a patient enters hospice care, he or she typically only has six months left to live. However, this doesn't mean that hospice care cannot be responsible for the patient's death. In fact, 20% of those who enter hospice care recover enough to be discharged. If you have a family member who passed away due to the negligence of hospice staff, there are several dos and don'ts to follow. Do Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney with Experience in Similar Cases

2 June 2020

Unexpected Accident Damages You Need To Know About


Everyone knows how devastating a car accident can be for everyone involved. Unfortunately, there are a few ways an accident can affect a victim that can catch them by surprise. Read on and find out how these unexpected forms of damage can affect the amount of compensation you can get.  Extraordinary Medical Expenses  You are entitled to be paid for common medical expenses related to the accident. That might include ambulance service, the emergency room, hospitalizations, and more.

22 May 2020

Hospital Errors That Can Lead To A Wrongful Death Claim


Medical errors are the third most common cause of death in America. Hospitals workers are highly trained and doctors spend a considerable amount of time in school before they can practice medicine. However, while there is a lot of room for error in a hospital, there is also a standard duty of care. Doctors who breach this through one of these common medical errors are negligent and you may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against them.

15 May 2020

Pedestrian Liability When A Motorist Waves The Pedestrian On


When you are crossing the street as a pedestrian, you might notice a car and choose to wait until the car passes. However, the motorist might wave to you to inform you that you're free to walk across the street. When this happens, you shouldn't assume that you are always free to go. In some cases, you may end up in an accident when another motorist maneuvers through the intersection and hits you.

8 May 2020

Without Transportation After An Accident? Take Action


Auto accident victims will find themselves dealing with a myriad of issues after an accident. While victims should place a priority on getting better and recuperating from their accident injuries, there will come a time when action should be taken to deal with the financial aspects of the wreck. Accident victims may be in line to get paid for several categories. These categories of need are known as damages. Damages from a typical accident might include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

29 April 2020

Weather And Car Accidents: Three Ways To Prove Negligence Even If Poor Weather Contributed To The Crash


The majority of personal injury automobile accident cases are centered around negligence. If you can show the driver of the vehicle was negligent in their actions, you may be able to recover money for your medical expenses, lost wages, and for pain and suffering. However, if weather conditions were poor, you may think that it will be challenging to prove the other driver was negligent. Here are three ways that an automobile accident attorney can help to show negligence, even in poor weather.

6 April 2020

Was Your Spouse, Child Or Partner Get In A Motorcycle Accident? Get A Lawyer Fast


If you have a loved one with a head injury from a motorcycle accident and you don't know if they will ever live a normal life, schedule an appointment with an attorney. If they were a victim and this accident has turned their world upside down, it's important to figure out their legal options. Lawyers that work with auto or motorcycle accidents and injury claims will go through the facts of the case.

27 March 2020

Should You File A Personal Injury Lawsuit? 3 Things To Know


Most people will experience some type of accident or mishap during their lifetime. In some instances, these occurrences may be unrelated to the fault of the party or other parties. However, the actions of others are often related to or responsible for an injury or accident. If you believe that you or someone you love has been harmed in some manner by the actions of another party, you may have adequate reasons for filing a personal injury lawsuit.

26 March 2020

What Are The Requirements For A Wrongful Death Accident Case?


Wrongful death accident lawyers are often asked basic questions about what it takes to pursue a case. Let's look at four of the most common questions a wrongful death accident attorney may hear. Is a Crime Required? There is no legal requirement for a criminal charge or conviction to be involved in a case. Even in cases that involve criminal conduct, such as extreme negligence that led to charges being filed, there's a strict partition between the criminal proceeding and the wrongful death case.

24 March 2020

How To Prove Your Injuries After You Are Hurt In A Car Accident


Compensation for injuries you sustain in a car accident is highly variable. How serious your injuries are and how long they are expected to last play a part in figuring out how much your injuries are worth. Your level of fault for the accident is also considered, and any award you received is reduced by your percentage of fault. You need to be able to prove the extent of your injuries, and this is done a number of ways.

20 March 2020