Why You Should Hire A Job Site Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible After Your Construction Injury


It's no secret that working on a construction site can be dangerous, and if you aren't careful, you do have to worry about being seriously injured while you're on the job. In fact, even if you take all of the necessary safety precautions and do everything that you can to stay safe while you're working, something could still happen. You might be well aware of this since you might actually be suffering from the impacts of a construction site injury right now.

26 May 2021

Can You Deal With Your Accident Case All By Yourself?


It's tempting for some car accident victims to try and go without legal representation after an accident. Part of what makes them believe this is they expect the insurer to do everything right and compensate them fairly. This can be a big mistake and one the insurer wants you to make. Read on and find out why dealing with an accident all by yourself is a foolish move sure to create more problems than it solves.

14 May 2021

Applying For Social Security Disability Payments


Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, is a program run by the federal government to provide supplemental income to disabled individuals and the families they support. Rather than being based on the severity of your disability or your household income, the number of benefits you're eligible for largely depends on your work history. A Social Security disability lawyer can explain how much you might receive each month. How Are Benefits Calculated?

30 April 2021

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Parking Lot Accidents


One of the most dangerous places for a motorcyclist is a parking lot. While a parking lot might be the location of a minor fender-bender for a car, a fall from a motorcycle can lead to serious injuries. Someone might be exiting their car and open a door or might back out of a parking stall without looking. Regardless of the cause, if the other party is negligent, you may be entitled to compensation.

9 April 2021

Auto Accident Damages You Are Entitled To Compensation For


To be able to receive compensation for your auto accident, you must prove that you have suffered damages. The idea behind the concept of "damages" is that another driver caused you to suffer and you deserve compensation to be made whole again. It's important to speak with an auto accident lawyer to determine exactly what damages you might be entitled to. Types of Damages The most common type of damages you might incur is medical bills resulting from injuries you have sustained from the accident.

29 March 2021

Common Reasons Why You Might Be Blamed for Your Pedestrian Accident


You may be out walking your dog without a care in the world and a car appears out of nowhere and strikes you. If you have suffered injuries as a result, you will usually be entitled to compensation for those injuries. However, while seeking compensation from an insurance provider, you might discover that they are trying to blame you for the accident you have suffered. Under these circumstances, you will need help from a personal injury attorney to make your case for why you deserve compensation.

17 March 2021

Filing A Lawsuit: Questions That Need Answers


If you are certain that someone else owes you money because of an injury, filing a lawsuit is the legal means of being paid money damages. Some people wonder if they have a good case and whether or not it's worth pursuing. To help you see your situation the way civil law does, it might be helpful to seek out the answers to the questions below. Are You Physically Injured?

26 February 2021