The Help You Need After An Accident

Having an accident which impacts on your life is stressful. When you are trying to cover medical costs and need to take time off work to recover, it is important that you know what your financial options are. Personal injury attorneys help people who have been through an accident and now seek recourse from the other person who caused it. Before you meet with a personal injury attorney, there are details you need to gather so the attorney can help you with your case. These posts are all about what accident and personal injury attorneys do, what they need from you, and the different situations where using one is beneficial to your lifestyle.

Three Things You Should Know About Filing A Claim For Disability


If you find yourself with a disability that prevents you from working or reduces your earning capacity greatly, filing for disability may be an option. Disability is part of the Social Security program and is there for people who can no longer work. There are, however, a few important things you should know before you file a claim.

Not everyone with a disability qualifies

This is something that many people find surprising. You may have a disability, and you may in fact have a medical issue that prevents you from working, but unless this problem is defined as a disability by the Social Security Disability office, you will not be able to collect benefits. This is one of the reasons why it is important to consult with an attorney. They can help you determine your eligibility for disability benefits. Your disability will need to be one that lasts more than a year, but you can file for benefits before that time, so you can receive benefits the day you become eligible.

More than half of the people who file are rejected

One of the most surprising things about filing for Social Security Disability benefits is the number of claims that are rejected. It's almost as if they are going out of their way to reject claims. But the truth is that they are only doing their job. Applications are commonly not filled out properly, and documentation of the disability is often incomplete or unclear. The type of documentation will be dependent upon the nature of the disability, and it will need to cover everything that the Social Security Disability office requires for a particular disability. Again, a lawyer can be valuable to help reduce the chances of rejection.

Social Security Disability Attorneys work on a contingency fee

You benefit greatly by having an attorney during the application process. You shouldn't think that you cannot afford one because they work on a contingency fee. This means they will get paid out of your benefits, but it will only be from the back benefits that are owed to you, not the benefits future-forward. These fees are capped, so you will still get most of what you are owed, and they are paid by the Social Security Disability office to your attorney. Other than signing a contingency fee agreement, you will not need to be involved. In addition, consultations are free.

There are many surprises that await someone filing for Social Security Disability benefits. The definitions of disabilities are specific and well defined. You may not qualify. Applications for benefits are routinely rejected, and much of it is due to people not knowing the nuances of the requirements of the Social Security Disability office. Many of the problems of applying and getting approval for benefits can be dealt with by hiring an attorney, and a consultation will cost you nothing.

Reach out to a Social Security Disability attorney for more information.


11 June 2020