The Help You Need After An Accident

Having an accident which impacts on your life is stressful. When you are trying to cover medical costs and need to take time off work to recover, it is important that you know what your financial options are. Personal injury attorneys help people who have been through an accident and now seek recourse from the other person who caused it. Before you meet with a personal injury attorney, there are details you need to gather so the attorney can help you with your case. These posts are all about what accident and personal injury attorneys do, what they need from you, and the different situations where using one is beneficial to your lifestyle.

Use These Rules Of Negotiation For Your Auto Accident Claim


Most auto accident claims end in out-of-court settlements — only a few cases go to trial. An out-of-court settlement means fast resolution and minimizes case expenses, among other benefits. Unfortunately, you might fail to settle your case if you don't know how to negotiate. Use these golden rules of negotiation to reach an out-of-court settlement.

Information Is Power

Having adequate information helps you negotiate from a point of power. Gather as much information as possible about the case. Look at the case from both your point of view and the adjuster's point of view. Some of the things to know include:

  • Your total damages
  • The evidence available
  • The possible defenses
  • The typical awards in your case

Let the adjuster know that you are an informed plaintiff. That way, the adjuster will not short-change you due to ignorance.

Cards Remain Hidden

Never show your hand during a negotiation. This mostly applies to your aims and objectives. Ideally, you should start the negotiations with a clear idea of the lowest offer you can accept. However, don't let the adjuster know of your minimum number. An adjuster is unlikely to offer you anything more than $100,000 if they know you can accept that figure.

Questions Help

Ask the adjuster for clarification on issues you don't understand. Never make assumptions. Say you ask for $80,000 and the adjuster counters with a lowball offer of $10,000. Don't respond to the adjuster without asking about the basis of their offer. The adjuster should clarify why they are making such a low offer. That way, you can make your reply based on the adjuster's answer.

Honesty Rules

In as much as you want to win at all costs, these costs shouldn't include lying. First, lying is unethical and criminal. Secondly, lying can hurt your case if the opponent catches you — and there is a real chance that they will. Once the adjuster finds out that you are lying, they will question all your other submissions. The increased scrutiny might unearth further damaging information about your case.

Walking Away Is an Option

Lastly, you should be ready to walk away if there is a need. The adjuster should know this too. If you are not willing to walk away, then the adjuster can offer you anything and you will accept it. Auto accident laws allow you to file a lawsuit against the defendant if the negotiations fail.

You don't have to handle your case alone — an experienced auto accident lawyer can negotiate on your behalf. Don't forget that you reserve the right to file a lawsuit if the negotiations fail. Contact an auto accident injury lawyer today to learn more.


13 March 2020